Championship Contending Team Ready with Dalton Armstrong in the Supers and an Open Seat in JEGS Tour

Scott Neal Racing Story – 2017 looks like a promising year for Dalton Armstrong and Scott Neal Racing.  Dalton will be running for the 2017 ARCA/CRA Super Late Model Championship once again.  He just missed the title in his rookie year in the supers in 2016 by merely 16 points, after taking the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour title the year before.

Dalton was able to race at the World Series of Stock Car Racing in New Smyrna, Florida earlier in the year.  Luck, however, was not on their side, as the team had to overcome adversity.  Dalton Armstrong and SNR took plenty of knowledge from these races and plan to utilize it in the upcoming season.

Dalton shared his thoughts on the 2017 race season. “I think 2017 has a lot of potential to be an even better year than last year.  I believe that we are making improvements in the right direction and really think it’s possible to win the majority of races that we race.  I feel like there was a handful of races that I could have won last year that we didn’t, and if I can find a way to minimize those mistakes and find a little more speed, we could have a very strong showing in 2017.”  He added, “The Bristol test was an honor to be a part of.  This is something very important and takes a lot of responsibility for an event that could possibly be one of the biggest events in short track racing history.  Big thanks to Hoosier and all the sanctioning bodies for their hard work and everyone at Bristol Motor Speedway!  For me, I was definitely a little nervous.  Not knowing what the car would feel like and how the tires would hold up.  After the 2 car had a tire problem, I was definitely a little more worried about the tire and being on low air pressure, but once we bumped up the psi, the car felt good!  Bristol is a very fast track and there’s a lot of grip.  I don’t really know what to expect, to be honest, with over 500 cars attending the event.  It’s hard to say what all the rubber will do to the track and how track conditions will change.  I think we have a very fast car and I’m looking forward to May!  This should be a very special event!”

When asked about the upcoming season, Scott Neal said, “2017 should be a fun year with Dalton gaining all kinds of experience over the years we’ve been together.  I believe we can win a decent amount of races this year. The test at Bristol was pretty intense, to be honest, and I wasn’t even driving! After Irish Saunders took control of the test and got us on the right tire and air pressure, I was comfortable letting Dalton have at it on the half mile.  The track is super-fast and the grip level is through the roof!” Neal went on to note, “I look at Bristol and think, I hope all the guys coming know what they are in for.  They need to be prepared knowing this isn’t the place for all the lightweight trick stuff.  It will be a great race for everyone who is prepared and I can’t wait to get there!”

Scott Neal Racing also announced they have a ride available for a Pro-Late Model driver looking to contend for a championship in 2017.  “We currently have a rental ride available in the JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour available if anyone is still looking for a seat for the 2017 racing season,” Neal stated.  “From beginners to veterans, we’ve worked with all of the above.  We’ve got multiple CRA Championships and race wins under our belt, so we are prepared to give any driver the best chance at success and great recognition.”   Interested parties can call Scott Neal at 317-395-4774.  He can also be reach by email at scottnealracing@yahoo.com.


By: Scott Neal Racing

Photo By: R&S Racing Photos